FRIENDS Launch on Thursday

Friends Launch RVCA First Thursdays Cape Town

Friends Launch RVCA First Thursdays Cape Town

RVCA First Thursdays Presents
‘Zine launch & exhibition
& Performance by Medicine Boy

Introducing the first of 3 nationwide free events, welcoming FRIENDS Occasional into the world. We celebrate with a magazine launch as well as a photographic exhibition.

With DJs:
Hey, no!, Look, The Diabolical Electric Eel, Snakes and Far Out!

**Entrance is limited**

Having been conceived as a brand ‘zine and then developed as a men’s lifestyle publication, FRIENDS is welcomed into the world and born a free-of-charge ‘Occasional’: an ongoing series of publications to be released on a project-to-project basis and not on scheduled release dates. Issue 01 is themed ‘THE MALE DAZE’ and features content from around South Africa, Hong Kong, Seoul, New York and London.

FRIENDS – an Occasional on Facebook.
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VANS presents The Pit Party 2014


Vans presents The Pit Party 2014. Following on from last years epic bowl contest, this year’s Vans invitational skate contest will be held in the bowl again.

This event is open to public spectators.


Contest Rules:

All riders need to be at The Pit at 5pm to draw your heat numbers for round 1. You will have 2 hours to warm up. At 7.30pm we will start the contest. The heats will be 5 min jam sessions, with 3 guys in each heat. After round one, we will take the 9 top scoring guys into into the semi finals, where the same 5 min rules apply per 3 man heats. The finals will be the top 3 scoring guys from the semi finals, this final will be a 7min heat.

Riders will be judged for: Style, Consistency, Use of Bowl and Difficulty

Prize Money up for grabs:

1st: R7000
2nd: R2000
3rd: R1000

Red Bull Highest Wallride.

There will be loads of Vans promo stuff!

Red Bull will be providing energy for all the skaters and spectators throughout the evening.

Poster artwork by Ian Jepson.

NO UNDER 18’s.

The organisations involved are not liable for any damage to person or property on this evening.

2 August 2014
The Pit, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town

Facebook Event Link

Heroine & Group Photo Exhibition at The Pit

Tow Aways Group Photography Exhibition At The Pit

There is a group photography exhibition at a free performance by local band, Heroine, taking place at The Pit in Cape Town next week Thursday! Click on either of the photos to go to the Facebook event.

“Tow Aways” Zine Launch & Group Photography Exhibition

Lani Spice will be launching her photo zine “Tow Aways” showcasing analog work from some great local photographers. The “Tow Aways” exhibition consists of hundreds of photos from the many photographers who have been connected with The Pit and Clarke’s throughout the years. The exhibition will tell the story of the space, the people and what goes on in their lives beyond Bree Street.

Featuring: Black Koki, Ello Weezi, Suzy Snakes, Dewald Bruwer, Thys Lötter, Andrew Turpin, Jess James Harris, Danielle Clough, Laura Windvogel, Leon Bester, John Alex Second, Donovyn Le Roux, Justin Poulter, Thomas Pepler, Adriaan Louw, Juliette Raymer, Pauline Anne, Kent Lingenveld, Natalie Pereira, Anke Loots Alexia Webster and more…

Heroine at The Pit

RVCA x The Pit First Thursdays
133 Bree Street

Vans presents: SOUNDCLASH

Soundclash Poster

A Party Town and Psych Night event, dedicated to those that have a severe disrespect for shit music (and open to lengthly debates about what that means).

This Friday; Psych, Garage and Punk hold hands for an awkward one-two step of culture and bad romance. So, come clad the walls of The Pit with celebrations of revolt and white-boy dancing.

Helping us through this will be:

Bad Drugs – We’ve managed to stir them from their cave of noise experimentation, and fresh rumours speak of new material…

And on the DJ side:

(Resident madman) DJ HEINO

THE HOW ARE YOUS (Don’t expect them to care)

Finally, our groovy selection of Psych Night DJs, will keep you numb and moving ’til your wallet is reasonably empty.

R20 gets you in. Doors open at 8pm. And that’s about as complicated as it gets.

Poster design by Justin Poulter and Jay Gordon.

See you on the other side!

Facebook event.

Day to Night Exhibition

Day To Night Exhibition

New work by Ello Weezi
RVCA First Thursdays
The Pit – 133 Bree Street
Thursday 3 April

Facebook event

“DAY TO NIGHT” || NEW WORK BY ELLO from The Pit on Vimeo.

About Ello:

ELLO is the pseudonym of an artist from South Africa. Known for her collaborative work with Black Koki as Love and Hate Studio. Inspired by life, comics and animations amongst other things, her work is mostly character based with themes of memories, people, everyday experiences, current times and personal relevance.



Death Pegasus are playing a show in Cape Town on Friday night, so caught up with frontman Marcel Marcel for a quick interview…

What is Death Pegasus?
Death Pegasus is a Thrash Metal band from JHB, with members Brian Seston (Drums), Grant Seston (Rhythm Guitar and Gang Vocals), Berneau v.d. Merwe (Base Guitar and Gang Vocals) and Marcel Marcel (Lead Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitar).

How long have you guys been a band and what came before that?
We formed the band in November 2012. Before that it was all about art, jamming together and being mega Thrash fans.

What do you do in the band and who does all the artwork?
So far I have been the main writer of the songs and lyrics in Death Pegasus, but recently we have started writing songs together as a band. I also do all the art and visuals for the band, be it cover art, flyers, logo’s etc.


How much is the music and art linked?
The art is closely tied to the music. It directly correlates with the lyrical content and general feel of the band and Thrash in general.

What’s it like being a Thrash band in Joburg and how much did growing up in Joburg influence your sound?
It is exciting being a Thrash Metal band from JHB, as there aren’t many Thrash bands out there, leaving a lot of room to expand and expose this genre of metal to the listeners. Growing up in the city of Johannesburg has had a strong influence on the lyrical content, heaviness of the sound and urgency of the vocal style, as the violence, chaos and intense energy impacts your thinking and psyche.


Which bands are your heros?
Big question, but to name a few: Exodus, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., Slayer, Anthrax, Sepultura.

You guys are playing in Cape Town for the first time this Friday, what can people expect?
Coming to a Death Pegasus show you can expect some serious in-your-face Thrash and general mayhem.

What’s the art show about that will be exhibiting at the show?
The art will be reflecting on all the lyrical themes and concepts of all the songs on our E.P. Critical Madness. From War Inside that talks about inner turmoil, to Critical Madness that speaks about the chaotic and mad state of the world.

Facebook event for their show on Friday.






Death Pegasus at the Pit


Joburg Thrash Metal band, Death Pegasus, are in Cape Town for a night of mayhem and destruction!

Friday 21 March
The Pit, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town

RSVP to the Facebook event here.


RVCA x THE PIT from The Pit on Vimeo.

Bilderberg Motel
Thursday 6 March
Doors 7pm

Bilderberg Motel

Bilderberg Motel Record Release Party
On Thursday the 6th March Bilderberg Motel will be releasing the vinyl edition of their album Lorien. Printed on glorious heavyweight white wax and done in a limited run, they’ll be celebrating this with a party and a show at the RVCA First Thursday’s night at The Pit. Doors open at 7pm and entrance is free. R200 gets you a copy of the LP and the first 50 sold get a free limited edition tshirt, printed by the band, with their purchase.

“The recording does a good job of capturing their alternatively raucous and melancholy sound. To my ears, The Velvet Underground and The Brian Jones- town Massacre are touchstones, but Bilderberg put its own unique stamp on the garage-band template.” – Sean Shuter,

Bilderberg Motel Vinyl Launch


Emma Maria A Collection of Painted Memories

Local artist Emma Maria is having a solo exhibition, A Collection of Painted Memories, at The Pit, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town, this Thursday at 5pm.

RSVP to the Facebook event here.


Volcom True to This Screening at The Pit

Volcom Stone’s new feature film True To This will be premiering at The Pit in Cape Town this Friday. So after you’re done at the Revolution Warehouse Sale, go check it out!

True to This is a feature film celebrating America’s first boarding company.

Welcome drinks, popcorn, slush puppy, food, cash money best trick competition, and give aways.

Friday 7 March 2014
The Pit, 133 Bree Street, Cape Town
All Ages
Free Entrace

RSVP to the Facebook event


The Indefinite Ride

In episode 4, ‘The Indefinite Ride’, Volcom dives deep into the unexplainable forces of nature which created our destiny. This journey is about the future and the spiritual connection with riding, which culminates on March 1, 2014 with the global premiere tour of ‘True To This’. It’s a candid look at this cult following as seen through the 3rd eyes of Volcom team riders: Ryan Sheckler, Mitch Coleborn, Andrew Doheny, Grant Taylor, Colin Provost, Pat Moore and Rune Glifberg.

Then make sure to save the dates for the SA leg of the Global Premier Tour:
Durban 5th March – Upstairs (Spiga) 7pm
Cape Town 7th March – The Pit (Clarke’s) 7pm

True to This is a feature film celebrating America’s First Boarding Company, Volcom.


The Pit Beer Pong Championship

The Pit Pong Weekly Wednesday Championship starts this week and consists of a Beer Pong & Ping Pong Tournament.

Winner of each takes R250 in cash and prizes from Fallen Footwear.

Wednesday 8 January, 8pm

Mini Ramp & Bowl also open for Wednesday’s Skate Night.

Supported by Fallen Footwear.

Facebook event


Leon Bester

Leon Bester is one of the nicest guys you might ever meet. A local Cape Town boy, Leon has been active in skateboarding, art, photography and videography for a while now, and owns at both. Find out more about the man behind the wayfarers. We introduce you to Leon Bester…

Take us through a day in the life of Leon Bester.

Alarm goes off, snooze button, snooze button, snooze button. This goes on for quit a while. Then I’ll start my day with a nice cup of tea, check on my plants and water them. Next I’ll jump into some denims and depending on the weather I’ll cycle down to the Woodstock Exchange to take care of business. If I leave before sunset I’ll go for a little skate, maybe a cheeky beer after. Then it’s dinner time and chill time.

Who/what inspires/influences you to do art?

There are endless things that will inspire me or spark a new thought or idea. I love to gather inspiration from all over and from many different things, situations and artists.

What sparked your interest in screen printing?

When I started my course in Graphic Design at Cape Tech, I was always fascinated in printmaking and I knew screen printing was part of our course, but only from second year. After my first year they pretty much scratched screen printing from our course, so when the time came to go and do an internship, I decided to intern at ilovescreenprinting. After the two week internship I was hooked on this new skill I’ve learned. I pretty much built a DIY set-up and bought a few screens and just carried on printing. For the whole of 2012 I ran my own screen printing studio in the northern suburbs. I mostly printed t-shirts, but my favourite is to print onto wood. I don’t print as much anymore, but it’s always fun to go mess around in the studio and make some t-shirts or print some artwork, get covered in paint, etc.

Leon BesterKlick Klak Exhibition Photos. Screen print on wood.

What are some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on?

I am really amped on all of the adidas projects I have been involved with. The most recent being the PE (Port Elizabeth) skate trip and the Gonz Exhibition. Always good fun and interesting trips. Another one stands out; about 2 months ago, Toby from ‘Hello Again’ in long street asked myself and Inus Smuts to do some t-shirt designs for his shop. I did a photo series on well known streets and landmarks of Cape Town, but from a first person view on a bicycle. I pretty much looked like crazy tourist cycling in the middle of the streets through town with my camera dangling from my neck while shooting the photos, haha. But I am really happy with the way it came out in the end. Risked my life a few times to get those shots, haha.

What are you listening to right now?

Yeasayer, Tame Impala, Neil Young, Future Island and some Witch.

What is this ‘Streets’ gang you’re part of? Does your Mom know about it?

Hahaha! Streets is pretty much a bunch of homies that love to skate, travel, braai, hang out, smash some beers and cause all sorts of shit together. Yeah, we are a diverse group of people that just started skating together in the school years and we still skate, hang out and make missions together as much as we can.

streets-design-clock-screen-printed‘Streets’ design clock. Screen printed.

You were a videographer on the recent adidas skateboarding trip to PE. Care to share any stories from the trip?

There are so many good stories from that trip. Like when we had to saw off this piece of railing to make a handrail skateable. Or Jansen swinging and smashing everything in his way with the one golf club we had with us. Khulu falling over into the bath tub. Pieter giving Jansen a tomato relish shower. Yann shredding that bowl by the park. I can go on and on. There are so many.

Where are you at in skateboarding at the moment? Are you still pushing as hard as you always were?

At the moment I am just enjoying skateboarding for what it is to me. Sometimes I would just hang out with everybody and have a mellow session. Then other times I would find myself jumping or grinding stuff I would never even have looked at before.

Leon Bester Smith Grind Bowl. Photo by Wayne ReicheLeon smith grinds a bowl. Photo by Wayne Reiche.

What are your favorite things about South Africa?

Definitely all the amazing destinations to travel to and all them characters you meet along the way.

Shout outs?

My family for supporting and helping me out since forever. All of my friends for being unique characters. The streets homies, everybody I skate with, people I make art with, Inus Smuts for the daily entertainment, adidas, revolution, the woodstock studio mates and friends, the Pit, everybody that has helped me out on my travels… so many people to thank. All of you play a unique role, so thanks.

adidas Task Bookadidas Task Book


Buck Tour PrintsBuck Tour prints


Black Lung “Beliefs” from the upcoming album Blame Black Lung out on Angry Africa Records.

Directed, filmed & edited – Michael Ellis (
Assistant – Dirk Steenkamp

About the video:

The making of the Black Lung music video was done with a crew of two guys. The location was set in The Pit, Cape Town. The production was followed through with with a minimum budget (no budget).

Once the shoot was wrapped, Michael took it all into post production and put together the first cut. After the first cut was approved he could start with the real hard work… Michael took each frame of the video sequence and printed them, recreating the music video on paper which then got scratched and spilled coffee on. The video consisted of 3 875 images which were then scanned back into a digital form and then time consumingly cropped and separated and put back into motion.

So “Beliefs” is a work of art and has gone through a lot of BLOOD, SWEAT and COFFEE because our boy Michael does not cry!

Check out some photos from the launch of the video here: