Headcleaner Official Trailer


This is the official trailer for Headcleaner, edited by Chris Thiessen. The world premiere is on twskate.com Monday June 1.

The video focuses on three locations: Long Beach, Atlanta, and Chattanooga

Read more at here.


Transworld Skateboarding presents the trailer for Outliers, their 26th video. Filmed by Chris Thiessen. Featuring Riley Hawk, Lee Yankou, Neen Williams, Zered Bassett, Marius Syvanen and Brad Cromer. This one is going to be good.


Check out the new trailer from Nike for ‘The SB Chronicles Two’. The full-length video from featuring Luan Oliveira, Daryl Angel, Donovon Piscopo, Theotis Beasley, Justin Brock, Shane O’Neill and Ishod Wair is coming soon.


To celebrate our 10 year anniversary we took Alan Marola back to the same handrail of the AV issue 01 cover to try and get another cover. On the mission was Miguel Howell (Photographer) and Jamie O’Brien who both made the mission with Alan 10 years ago. Enjoy.

Screenings of AV Skateboarding Issue 20 are happening in Cape Town, Durban and PE today, and in Joburg tomorrow. Be there!

Facebook events:

Cape Town: http://www.facebook.com/events/1423753987840931/

Durban: http://www.facebook.com/events/215001905341456/


JHB: http://www.facebook.com/events/1455806774644949/


In honour of Women’s Day tomorrow, we thought we would pay homage to women in skateboarding. Ride Channel have put out a documentary on women’s skateboarding and here’s the trailer. Here’s to skateboarding being an all-inclusive, accepting community.


Filmage Movie poster web

The Descendents were around before most of you were born, starting in 1978. A lot of people will recognise the iconic ‘Milo’ graphic, but not realise that it is really a band. They were arguably one of the most influential and important punk bands of their time. We are extremely excited for this film, and can’t wait to see it already! Educate yourselves and apply some culture to your music tastes; check out The Descendents…

Full length documentary directed by: Matt Riggle and Deedle LaCour

Unfortunately they haven’t announced when the DVD will be out yet.

Read more about the documentary here: http://www.filmagemovie.com/

Filmage Finished for Web